CSP7-03 LSWR/SR C14 0-4-0ST

The Rolls Royce of model kits. Probably the best on the market. We have built several models to ensure everything works and made refinements where required. With care a competant builder will be able to produce a stunning model.

The kit contains brass etches for the bodywork, although the boiler is a one piece brass casting and nickel silver for the chassis. Lost wax brass castings, wire, handrail knobs etc. Comes complete with Slaters wheels, saving you money on buying them seperately
You will need to purchase: - we can supply, motor and gearbox suitable for an eigth inch axle. We recommend High Level ones. Finish by painting in the colour of your choice. If you plan to model the LSWR, or very early Southern version, please let us know as you will need different buffers!

Note: - all orders are individually packed to order and may take 21-28 days for delivery subject to availability of components

Clicking on motor or gearbox. The axle is 1/8th inch diameter.
Clicking on 'Complete' will get you a a High Level Roadrunner gearbox and coreless motor that we know are more than up to the job for this size of engine.

  • Model: C14
  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 7mm Kits

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