CSP7-02- Hudswell Clark 0-4-0ST Class Contractors Locomotive


Hudswell Clarke in common with many other manufacturers in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries produced large numbers of locomotives to assist in the construction of reservoirs, docks and mainline railways. Invariably such contractors laid lightweight rails on often poorly prepared land. Locomotives of low axle loading to run on such track were required in large numbers - a very profitable business.  Most manufacturers produced standard contractor's locos, each to their own particular design, which were either 0-4-0ST or 0-6-0ST. Hudswell Clarke's contractors, 0-4-0ST version was designated their class "Aire" and introduced in the 1870s. The loco had outside cylinders (10"x16"), 2' 9" wheels, weighed 16.5 tons and an open back cab. Large numbers of these locos were to be found on all types of civil engineering contracts. On completion of the work the locos were either moved onto another contract or, as was often the case, sold to the organisation for whom the work was done. Others were sold to various concerns such as quarries or collieries. Some examples were also supplied directly by the manufacturers to such organisations.


Locos of essentially "Aire" class design were constructed until the late 1930s. Later locos had an overall cab.


One example of the class (w/no 166) was delivered to the Taff Vale Railway in 1876. Originally it was numbered 107 but renumbered 267 in 1892 when it was designated as the sole member of that company's class 'S'. In 1896 the loco was rebuilt when it acquired rather crude rear and side cab extensions. At grouping the Great Western Railway renumbered the loco 1342. However, Great Western Railway ownership lasted only until the end of 1926 when scrapping occurred. In fact the loco was made redundant in 1925 from Cardiff West Loco Yard by ex-AD & R loco Great Western Railway '1340 Trojan'. You can now have a model of both!

Locos of this class could be found at a wide variety of places and should find use in a corner of most layouts.


Two members of the class have survived into preservation. The loco named 'Lord Mayor' (w/no 402/93), currently owned by the Vintage Carriage Trust and located on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is an excellent example of the class still in its 19th century original guise. The loco was originally involved in the Manchester Ship Canal contract.

Another example, one of the later members with an all-over cab, resides on the Tanfield Railway. This loco (w/no 1672/37) now named "lrwell" worked on Stuart St Power station in Manchester until preserved.

Many thanks are due to both of these organisations for assistance granted in measuring up and photographing the loco - essential to the production of this kit.

This is a High Quality kit utilising brass etches and lost wax brass castings. Requires wheels, motor and gearbox. Full instructions included.

Note: All orders are individually packed and can take up to 21-28 days for delivery subject to availability of components

  • Model: Hudswell Clarke 0-4-0ST Industrial Locomotive Kit
  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 7mm Kits

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