CSP7-Z207 GWR 517 Class 0-4-2T

One of the Great Western's largest, most varied and longest lived classes this kit represents the most useful of the varients.  
One piece resin tank/footplate and boiler smokebox units, plus etched brass cab, bunker, footplate and chassis with lost wax brass parts for slidebars etc. Full open or closed cab detail is provided.
It is an ideal branchline push pull auto locomotive.

The kit also contains wire, handrail knobs etc.
You will need to purchase: - wheels, motor and gearbox then finish by painting in the colour of your choice.

Note: - All kits are individually packed to order and may take between 21 & 28 days to be delivered depending on component availability

  • Model: GWR 517 Class 0-4-2T
  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 7mm Kits

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