CSP7-Z204 GWR 850 Class 0-6-0PT

The baby sister to the 2021 class being one foot shorter. Towards the end of their life as Saddle tanks, they were converted to Pannier Tanks. They started off with open cabs but later were changed to closed cabs. The specification of this kit is similar to the Z203 kit except that the footplate is a detailed one piece resin casting. These locos were used on very lightly laid lines.

The kit also contains wire, handrail knobs etc.
You will need to purchase: - wheels, motor and gearbox then finish by painting in the colour of your choice.

Note: - All kits are individually packed to order and may take between 21 & 28 days to be delivered depending on component availability

  • Model: GWR 850 Class 0-6-0PT
  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 7mm Kits

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