CSP40 Peckett W4 Class 0-4-0ST "Hercules" BR (W) .


This a slight deviation from the theme of GWR absorbed engines, this kit produces a model of the BR (Western Region) acquired loco known as “Hercules” “No. 1”. The loco was in fact a pretty standard “W4” Peckett, taken into BR stock in 1948 and overhauled at Danygraig when it acquired a GW safety valve bonnet and had the number 1 painted on the cabsides and buffer beam. The nameplate was only on the LH cabsheet.

Available now.

In order to complete this kit you will require the following parts: -

Wheels and Axles – we supply Alan Gibson but can provide Markits, if they have them available. If you would prefer Markits wheels please ensure you let us know.

Crankpins - to suit the make of wheels.

Gearbox – High Level is our standard. Some kits do include a motor mounting etch which is suitable for Markits 38:1 gears (our stocks of gears are exhausted). Etch is available on request, while stocks last.

Motor – with the demise of Mashima motors we have sourced a suitable replacement CORELESS motor that has a special worm produced for the smaller diameter shaft, by Chris Gibbon of High Level. He has been suitably impressed by the motor performance.

The cost of our kit shows a saving compared to purchasing the parts individually.

  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 4mm Kits

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