CSP20 Sentinel 0-4-0 Steam Shunter

These two little steam shunters with vertical boilers were built for the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway to operate the coal mine traffic in Radstock. There was a very low bridge, nicknamed the "Marble Arch" which they had to pass under, hence the dimensions of the locos. They arrived in 1929 and worked at various times until 1959/60, however they had a tendency to wander somewhat. They were serviced at Bristol Barrow Road and Bath Green Park, major works were done at Derby. They had vertical boilers and were chain driven, all these details are in the kit. 7191 and worked at Kettering in 1935, during the war they saw service in a number of locations.
The kit has an integrated 4 wheel drive gear arrangement and a High Level Gearbox. All fittings are lost brass wax castings.
Please note this kit is sold complete with wheels, gearbox and motor. Wheels will be to your chosen gauge.
  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 4mm Kits

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