CSP10 Avonside 0-6-0ST ex-BP & GVR GWR 2194/5

These iconic little Avonside 0-6-0ST's which were always associated with the Weymouth Quay Tramway started out their careers in 1903 with the Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley Railway. Both locos were named, 2194 was "Kidwelly", 2195, "Cwm Mawr" Following absorption by the GWR the locos were "Swindonised" and gained the standard bunker and boiler fittings they went to Weymouth in July 1923. They both survived at Weymouth until 1939/40. 2194 went to Cardiff and spent her final years at Taunton but was eventually withdrawn in 1953. 2195 went to Swindon in 1939 but returned to Weymouth in 1945 and remained there until June 1946. She was withdrawn in 1953. These are probably the prettiest small locos on the GWR. Brass bell, Vac pump and name and number plates are included in the kit.


In order to complete this kit you will require the following parts: -

Wheels and Axles – we supply Alan Gibson but can provide Markits, if they have them available. If you would prefer Markits wheels please ensure you let us know.

Crankpins - to suit the make of wheels.

Gearbox – High Level is our standard. Some kits do include a motor mounting etch which is suitable for Markits 38:1 gears (our stocks of gears are exhausted). Etch is available on request, while stocks last.

Motor – with the demise of Mashima motors we have sourced a suitable replacement CORELESS motor that has a special worm produced for the smaller diameter shaft, by Chris Gibbon of High Level. He has been suitably impressed by the motor performance.

The cost of our kit shows a saving compared to purchasing the parts individually.

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  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 4mm Kits

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