CSP03 Kerr Stuart Victory Class 0-6-0T

2018 - kit upgraded with lost wax brass castings for chimney, dome, safety valve and tank fillers.
Ten locos of this class were constructed in 1917 as part of the Govt. war effort. On the cessation of hostilities they were disposed of to collieries, docks,etc.inc the East Kent Railway. Alexandra Docks purchased two, which were numbered 34 and 35, 3 years later they were acquired by the GWR as nos (666,667) they were given the Dia 68 but in 1923 they received some alterations at Swindon and were given the Diagram B13.They went to BR ownership and 667 lasted until 1954 and 666 until 1955. The 3rd GWR Victory class loco came from the Brecon & Merthyr Railway,originally ROD No 14,she became No 35, she was "Swindonised" in 1922 but retained her Ross pop valves. As GW 2161 she remained at the Alexandra Docks until sold to the Ashington Coal Co. She finished her days as an NCB loco and was cut up in 1951. No 12 went to Manchester Collieries and was named "Francis". She ended her days at Astley Green Colliery and was scrapped in 1968 The East Kent Railway acquired No 11 in1919 and she remained there until going into BR ownership in 1948 as 30948. She never recieved her BR number and was scrapped in 1949. Many others worked at other collieries where they were very popular workhorses. No. 15 went to the Aberaman colliery and was numbered "19" and was scrapped in 1969. No16 was at Tirpentwys Coal & Coke Co and was scrapped by the NCB in 1964. No 18 became Lambton & Joicey No 41 and was scrapped in 1964. No 19 became Rothervale No 8 at the United Steel Co and finally became an NCB loco at Orgreave Colliery. Scrapped 1966. A Kerr Stuart or a GWR Swindonised loco can be built from the kit. GWR name and numbers are included in the kit.


In order to complete this kit you will require the following parts: -

Wheels and Axles – we supply Alan Gibson but can provide Markits, if they have them available. If you would prefer Markits wheels please ensure you let us know.

Crankpins - to suit the make of wheels.

Gearbox – High Level is our standard. Some kits do include a motor mounting etch which is suitable for Markits 38:1 gears (our stocks of gears are exhausted). Etch is available on request, while stocks last.

Motor – with the demise of Mashima motors we have sourced a suitable replacement SIX pole motor that has a special worm produced for the smaller diameter shaft, by Chris Gibbon of High Level. He has been suitably impressed by the motor performance.

The cost of our kit shows a saving compared to purchasing the parts individually.

  • Manufacturer: CSP Models - 4mm Kits

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