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SteamAle are new to manufacturing and will produce models in collaberation with the Cumbrian Railways Association, Sanspareil and others.
Discount available on multiple purchases. Please enquire.
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STA01 M&CR Chauldron Wagon ( Chauldron Wagon)
7mm scale, O gauge. Ready to Run Maryport & Carlisle Railway.
Suitable for many locations around the world as other companies had very similar ones.
Discount for multiple buys. Please ask via:

These wagons were produced for the Maryport & Carlisle Railway by a number of manufacturers over many years until the company had the capacity to build and repair them themselves. The company eventually had over 1,000 in use at any one time. They were used between the 1840's and the grouping in 1923, even though they should have been taken off the mainline before then.
In use the wagons always had to be the same way round as the brake is on one side only.

The model has been produced as a joint venture between the Cumbrian Railways Association and SteamAle.
A number of people have been involved with its development and our thanks go to them and the manufacturers that gave help and advice along the way. 
The main body of the model is cast in resin. The chassis is in whitemetal, to give weight low down with etched parts for the axles. The brake unit is a lost wax brass casting and wheels are very finescale from Slaters. The main coupling bar runs the full length of the model and is screwed in place so there should be no problems with wagons coming loose or pulling long trains!

If you want to know more please get in touch.

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