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CSP23 Manning-Wardle "K" Class 0-6-0T

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Model: K class Manning Wardle
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Not for the faint hearted. You need to have experience of kit building to take on this model. It does not have tabs and holes for locationg parts. Having said that it does make up into a very pretty model.
The kit is based on the Manning Wardle works drawing of the 'K ' class 0-6-0, and a scale drawing is enclosed which shows the essential features from the works drawing. Several different cabs are included on the etched brass fret, and these can be altered slightly as necessary to produce other types. There are even more variations, but these are up to you! One photo shows a loco named "TRENT" (owned by Bott & Stennet, possibly on the Harrow & Uxbridge contract) which is the wide  cab version with a "lash-up" cabsides made of corrugated iron and an old panelled door from a house, together with a tarpaulin sheet over the actual entrance!
Such a small loco can be quite a challenge to build in model form, especially with regard to motorising the model so that the motor and gears are completely hidden from sight. A High Level Gearbox is necessary to ensure all works satisfactorily. Not being content just to produce a kit of a very tiny loco, we decided to go the whole way and make it possible for you to build it with the inside motion and valve gear even actually moving if you wish. This may at first appear to be quite difficult, but it is not as bad as you might think. Have a go and it will give you a lot of satisfaction!

The fittings are lost wax brass. It makes a welcome addition to any Industrial layout.


In order to complete this kit you will require the following parts: -

Wheels and Axles – we supply Alan Gibson but can provide Markits, if they have them available. If you would prefer Markits wheels please ensure you let us know.

Crankpins - to suit the make of wheels.

Gearbox – High Level is our standard. Some kits do include a motor mounting etch which is suitable for Markits 38:1 gears (our stocks of gears are exhausted). Etch is available on request, while stocks last.

Motor – with the demise of Mashima motors we have sourced a suitable replacement Coreless motor that has a special worm produced for the smaller diameter shaft, by Chris Gibbon of High Level. He has been suitably impressed by the motor performance.

The cost of our kit shows a saving compared to purchasing the parts individually.

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